At Serene Health, we are here to improve your quality of life by enhancing your brain health and function. We understand that in today’s fast-paced world it can be very challenging to take the time to focus on the self-care you need.

With our Concierge PrTMS service, our goal is to help you achieve the joy-filled and successful life you deserve either by treating an existing mental health condition or by simply improving your cognitive performance.

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PrTMS incorporates an assessment of a patient’s unique brain electrical patterns to construct an image of neuronal communication activity. Qualitative and quantitative patient data are then used to create a neuromodulation treatment plan tailored specifically to that patient, which is then verified and approved by a qualified PrTMS provider.

What is PrTMS?

If no two patients are the same, why should their medical treatment be the same?

Personalized repetitive Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (PrTMS) is TMS — but with a smarter, more sophisticated application. Unlike conventional TMS that is one-size-fits-all, PrTMS customizes the TMS therapy delivered to each patient.

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Mobile Concierge PrTMS Treatment

Serene Health PrTMS Difference

Each week your treatment plan is tailored to you by using a wireless electroencephalograph (EEG). Similar to a cardiac EKG, our EEG is what we use to map your brain’s electrical activity. With this advanced technology, we are capable of measuring 19 areas of your brain in about 4 minutes.

Your quantitative EEG results paired with the qualitative information gathered from neurocognitive surveys build the foundation to create your patient specific, treatment plan. All of this takes place in our discrete mobile Concierge PrTMS office, at a time that fits in your schedule. 

PrTMS is safe, painless, drug-free and non invasive. Concierge sessions are offered Monday through Friday for 6-8 weeks, a typical session lasts between 25-35 minutes.

Our personalized approach to treatment is what allows us to recognize and treat many brain arrhythmias that are believed to be the root of many mental health conditions. 

With brain arrhythmia recognition, our treatments harmonize and improve brain function, allowing us to treat patients with a variety conditions that include:

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • PTSD
  • ADHD
  • Concussion and Head Injury
  • Brain Fog and Memory Problems
  • Sleep Disorders
  • Focus & Performance Enhancement 
Personalized Approach To PrTMS

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